Last Updated on May 14, 2021


Tina Acosta describes her mid-west household as a “Motley Zoo” made up of six dogs, two cats and a turtle. As a breed ambassador, Tina enjoys attending events and using social media as a platform to promote a positive outlook for the Chow breed. She also uses her platform to promote pet causes and acts as a pet product influencer on Intellifluence. You can check out Tina on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and Twitter where the Chowsumers are Barkin ‘Bout the Best Doggy Stuff. Tina’s Chows have been featured on BuzzFeed and We Rate Dogs.

When did you first start promoting products with your animals?

I would say probably within the last year. I’ve been on social media probably about two and a half years and I started promoting about a year, year and a half.

You mentioned how you like to tell attend events such as Breed Ambassadors. Can you tell us a little bit about that and some of the other events you attend?

Sure. We go to like AKC events and also local dog bar events, fundraisers for like the ASPCA, the local Nebraskan Humane Society not just to simply not only promote those organizations but, you know, there’s a tendency to have a negative perception about the chow breed. People are a little fearful of them and they’re all three very friendly, socialized since eight weeks, and they’re really good examples of how dogs are when they are raised with proper socialization and training. So I like to – because every single person who meets them is shocked by how friendly they are. A vet told me they’re the friendliest chows he’s ever seen. So I just like to go out there and, you know, give a good representation of the breed.

You have 6 dogs, 2 cats and a turtle how did you come to have so many pets? They are all adorable by the way.

It started off with one dog. My daughter went to college in Nebraska and so it was really hard going from being an active sports mom where you’re gone every weekend out of state and then, you know, your life stops.[and] you’re like “oh my gosh what the heck do I do with my time”. So I got one. And I got KiKi and then I ran across a chow and I was like “I’m going to go look at that puppy” and then I just fell in love with Digsby because he was so unique, he’ so obedient,  they’re just so usual, they’re not like any other dog, and I fell in love. And then I begged my husband for a girl from the next litter and it ended up two from the next litter.

And then I accidentally got another dog that someone couldn’t take care of. I can’t say no when someone has a dog that [they can’t care for], you know, so I’m like alright so I took a terrier and then number six was another rescue. She’s a little yorkie that was in terrible condition I mean it was criminal and so my husband, I didn’t even ask him if I could has another dog because – all I can say is my poor husband and he’s like “aww she’s so cute. What’s the difference between five or six” and I’m like “god bless you. I love you.”. So that was two weeks ago and the turtle was, you know kids they get a pet and you end up taking care of it.

What has been your favorite brand partnership to date?

I would say my favorite brand is probably Pet Qwerks. They are really amazing to work with. They are really interactive, we talk frequently, they send us new stuff to review all the time,  {and} we know them by name I mean they’re just really awesome. Not only are they per friendly they are always helping out organizations, they’re just a really wonderful company to work with, they’re definitely our all time favorite, and we were actually their first brand ambassador like two years ago.

What are some tricks you use in order to make your pets pose long enough for a photo to be taken to promote a certain product?

Repetition. I treat them like their toddlers to be honest. They’re super smart and I never ever treat them with anyway other than love, I don’t ever punish them, all I ever do is just – I think because I’m so kind with them they just do whatever I want. I mean they enjoy the treat but they just want to do whatever I ask of them.

The stuff Digsby does I’m always like “holy crap I can’t believe he just did that”. Like I don’t know if you saw it but chows are not known to do things like the trick dog that stands on fire hydrants. Digsby did that and I was like “oh my god” I always see things and I’m always pushing the bar going “I bet can get my dog to do that” and he just does it so easy. And I don’t know I guess it’s because I treat them like they have the intelligence of a child and they respond to love and guidance. They’re just great, I mean they are really easy photograph to be honest

Do you have any advice for individuals who are looking to get into pet influencer marketing?

I would say stay interactive when you see a company that even likes a picture. I mean I’m on it all the time. I seriously don’t even know how I’m on it all the time because I have a full time job too. Not to mention four kids. As soon as I see a company I immediately – And I don’t solicit reviews all I do is post on there I’m an influencer I’ve never reached out to a company to review a product. Every single product I’ve reviewed has been at their request. I think it’s simply being interactive and when you interact I think it’s authenticity. If you go on and look at their pictures you have to really care about that picture they just posted with the dog and the toy. I mean if you ask a question it can’t be something superficial you have to truly interact and get to know them, truly network.