Last Updated on May 14, 2021


Stavros Georgiadis is a financial analyst, economist and influencer based in Greece. Additionally, Stavros is a brand ambassador for The Great North and The Entrepreneur’s Closet clothing companies and runs several blogs covering topics ranging from business to finance, money and shopping. A prominent finance influencer, you can follow Stravos on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into finance?

Yes, of course. My background is the following I am an economist I have studied economics here in Greece with a bachelor in economics from Athens University of Economics and Business and I have also have a master of science again in economics also from the same university. And I always liked the idea that I wanted to not just be an economist I wanted to get involved with the finance and marketing. I had a passion for let’s say finance and investments so that’s why in 2016, two years ago, I received my CFA designation, my Chartered Financial Analyst designation, which is a professional designation for finance and considered the benchmark for let’s say the investment industry. So this is my academic background and I hope to make a new kind of career let’s say in the future and the finance industry.

How did you get connected with The Great North and The Entreprenuer’s Closet brands?

Yes, that’s correct. Actually I did it because, you know, I like let’s say the philosophy, especially the Great North because it’s let’s say goes to support the environment and save the environment and save the animals.

So I believe Instagram today is the hottest social media platform So let’s say in time to build the brand or brand name or person also on Instagram. That’s why let’s say I’m open to such collaborations.

Is influencer marketing very popular in Greece?

I would say it is popular but not so popular like let’s say in the United States because we have a lot smaller market. But I would that say yes, of course influencer marketing is also here popular.

What are some of your goals this year, as it pertains to influencer marketing?

I would like to build my brand, my personal brand in 2019. But I would like to focus in finance and the finance niche but also open to prospect such as fitness, lifestyle, advertising, marketing et cetera. So one of my goal would be to find a philosophy and build my brand around it because I don’t want to do things I don’t have a passion about. I want to be passionate and I want support some causes such as the one I mentioned about The Great North  that I know that support the environment and animals as well. So I would like to highlight and build my brand around some basic philosophies and principals. And of course learn as much as possible about influencer marketing because I’m totally new about it, a newbie I would say.

I noticed you do some public speaking? What topics do you typically cover?

I will actually do some public speaking tomorrow at an investment conference. I speak about the investment industry and the investment opportunities and how people also care of their personal investments because I believe investment is not a gambling. It’s not something that – because it has to do with a lot of money so people should be very careful when they make some choices. And I speak about fundamental analysis and I [talk] about my philosophy and what to do, what to take care of, and to avoid some mistakes that most people do especially when they are new to the investment world. 

You post a lot of inspiring quotes on your Instagram and Twitter profiles. What are some of your favorite marketing figures or resources?

I do not have some favorite ones for time being.  No, I don’t not have something I especially like because as I mentioned before I’m a newbie to this. But on the other hand I try – when I see a note for that it is free I try to register and let’s say get some free book, et cetera because I want to believe that now is very important and I want to focus on that. During 2019 one of my best goals would be to learn as much as possible about influencer marketing.

Do you have advice for others who have a background in finance when it comes to branching out into influencer marketing?

I would say that my first advice would be that if they are a professional in investments like myself finance is a very peculiar niche but it deserves a lot of potential because I see lots of sites or websites that publish some information that does not have a background to support it. So my advice would be to be very careful. One day, let’s say, they release some information because they have to be able to [have time to factually counter] the arguments not just say buy this stock because this happened et cetera.

Then any posts they make about finance or investments, et cetera will say a lot of due diligence and they should be very careful because it is very hard to build a brand around finance but it is very easy to break down within a few minutes or posts if you are are not careful. So I would say to be – it’s very exciting of course but they should be very careful about what they post. How do they publicly [represent themselves] on social media.

How do you structure your average day?

Actually it is very easy because I follow the news. I mean I have my daily schedule I see, let’s say for [example] today is Friday I see what are the main news yesterday at least and I try to build content around this, about what happened yesterday, what will happen today, what’s the economy colander, what’s the news, and I try to focus and build the content and express my opinions around that. So it is easy on how to schedule it.

Can you tell us a little bit about the investment conference you are speaking at?

It is an investment conference that will be here in Athens, Greece it is called Money Show. it is scheduled every year and I will showcase some of my arguments about fundamental analysis and technical analysis and hopefully I will give some useful advice to the participants how to – it focuses around stocks not investments because stocks and equities are one of my favorite things I deal with in finance. So I want to give some advice on how to approach with due diligence and be more careful and selective when they want to make investments and trade online.