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No matter the product or service you’re promoting, influencer marketing is something you should consider. People look to financial experts to help them navigate the subject which can be very complicated. Trusted financial influencers are worth their weight in gold. Intellifluence is home to the largest warm network of influencers, meaning each one has joined on their own and is waiting to help you promote your financial product or service to their loyal and engaged audience. When it comes to money, savings, credit, personal finance, business topics or anything in between, you can rely on our finance influencers to help you shine!

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Other influencer marketing services make you jump through hoops to get started with lengthy demo calls and budgeting. While we’re happy to show you our system via a demo call, we also want to give you the flexibility to get started immediately so you can collaborate with financial influencers quicker. Take a self-guided demo so you can see our powerful influencer marketing platform in action, then get started today and set up your first campaign within minutes! Get the publicity you’re looking for without the hassles and stick to your budget – regardless of what it is.

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If you’re an influencer that is interested in personal or business finance, we’d love for you to join our network for free so you can collaborate with popular financial brands to promote their product and/or services! We don’t take a cut of your earnings, so you get to keep everything you earn!

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