Last Updated on May 14, 2021

SCARLET PAOLICCHI Influencer Spotlight

Nashville Mom Scarlet Paolicchi started her Family Focus Blog about eight years ago and it has grown to become one of the most popular family blogs around. In fact, it was named #3 in Cision PR’s 50 U.S. Top Mom Blog list.

As a top Family and Mommy Influencer on Intellifluence, Scarlet is interested in products and services that have to do with healthy living, green living, fashion travel and home décor.

Scarlet wants the Family Focus Blog to be a place where other parents can come as a parenting resource and be inspired, entertained and educated. Scarlet acknowledges that parenting can be hard but says it is also the biggest joys that she knows. She tells people that when it comes to growing children “every age is a good age – so far!”

Learn more about Scarlet, her family and her site contributors at We recently sat down with Scarlet to discuss the type of legacy she would like her blog to have.

What do you hope your legacy is with your blog? What do you hope that you can ultimately accomplish with this for people that find you years and years down the road?

Well I think that for me that’s actually like one of the most fun parts about blogging was always hitting that publish button. And knowing I actually created something that I could share with someone else. I mean there’s different levels of sharing. If it’s from one person that read it and it connects with them or if it’s from tons of people that read it and connect it in just a less – in a more casual way. There’s different posts that are more centered around emotions and posts that more centered around products.

So there’s all types of different ways to connect but I think that’s one of the most enjoyable aspects for me. And as far as a legacy I hope people can still connect with my posts years from now when they read them and I think that’s that one of the beauties- I’ve been blogging for about eight years and I think that some of my beginning posts still get hits, others don’t so much. But seeing what connects with people is really interesting. Sometimes it’s posts that you don’t expect it to be and sometimes you expect it to be and it’s not so it’s definitely interesting to see what connects with people. And even just to have – if you look back over time to see how my blogging has changed both stylistically and topic wise and what not. I think that it’s definitely a fun thing and it’s also a legacy for my family on a personal level looking back as my kids have grown over time, it’s fun.

What has been the weirdest influncer request you’ve received from a brand?

I mean I do get a lot of different products and I couldn’t even – like I said weird doesn’t really. I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head that’s like super weird. I mean there’s a large variety of things. But like I have a husband so I do do men’s things sometimes so that wouldn’t really be weird to me. But I would say as far as unusual I’ve gotten a lot of unusual opportunities I never would of expected to get. Like I got do behind the scenes of movie films and different things like that. Like I said unusual stands out to me more than just weird cause I mean everyone has their different product and to me none of them are that strange. I mean I guess there’s things that are slightly weird.

I noticed you have a YouTube channel and I saw your video on how to make cappuccinos using krups for the KA84. Do you take requests when making posts on YouTube or how do you go about deciding what content to create?

Well YouTube and I are just barely friends. I use it every once and awhile but I’m just not like a super video person. I don’t know I’ve never – you know some people are better at different things than others and that’s one I never felt totally at home and excited about.

So I do it sometimes, sometimes I get in the mood to do it. It’s not like my main focus at all and it’s not something I’m like “oh I’m super good at this let me do this for you”. But sometimes you just go oh this- let me show this because it would make more sense in a video. I want people to actually be able to see the length of time or the result. So I do share it when I moved to but It’s not something I do often. And it’s mostly just when I’m like this would really make sense in this format. I just want to show it in this way.

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