Last Updated on December 9, 2020


Intellifluence enables brands to partner with influencers to achieve their influencer marketing goals. The company recently partnered with LinkResearchTools (LRT) to offer scoring for influencer blogs.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, February 14, 2018 – Intellifluence, an influencer marketing SaaS, is announcing a new partnership with LinkResearchTools that will offer blog scoring metrics to assist brand subscribers in determining the popularity of influencer blogs.

When an influencer adds a blog to their public profile within Intellifluence, it will be scored using LRT Power*Trust. This score is designed to help users assess the quality of a domain based on trustworthiness and link strength SEO metrics.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for brand subscribers to determine the audience size and reputation of an influencer,” Intellifluence Founder and CEO Joe Sinkwitz said. “This blog scoring feature helps paint a clearer picture of an influencer’s total reach.”

Intellifluence brand subscribers can now view influencer blog scores, ranging from 1-100 based on the LRT Power*Trust scoring methodology, by viewing the influencer’s profile. Higher numbers indicate a more powerful and trustworthy blog domain. Additionally, brands that subscribe to the Marketplace Plus plan tier or higher can view influencer blog scores using the Discover tool that provides access to the entire Intellifluence influencer network.

LRT Power*Trust is calculated by analyzing data in real time from over 25 link data sources and combining a power metric with a trust metric. The power metric looks at the strength of a webpage based on the amount of links pointing to it, along with the power of the links. The trust metric focuses on the trustworthiness of the links, or the implied trust of the page in Google.

LinkResearchTools is a real-time link protection & search engine optimization platform for websites and clients have included MTV, eBay, Victoria’s Secret and Intel. According to the company, the LRT Power*Trust is more reliable than MOZ DA / PA and similar SEO metrics.

“LRT Power*Trust has helped make LinkResearchTools (LRT) the leader in link analysis and using it found toxic links way back in 2012 already shortly after Google introduced harsh link penalties for toxic links,” said LinkResearchTools Founder & CEO Christoph Cemper. “Today we can provide the most complete and comprehensive link databases for our customers.”

About Intellifluence:
Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform that makes it easier for brands of various sizes and peer-level influencers to work together to achieve their goals. In close to a year, over 30,000 influencers have joined Intellifluence. Influencers can join the network for free with no obligation and brands can choose a plan that fits their needs. Brands are able to create campaigns with public offers for the influencer Marketplace or use the Discover tool to search for influencers in various countries and across all popular social media platforms and blog networks. For more information, visit, follow the company on Facebook at or Twitter at or Instagram at