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Mike Chabot is a multifaceted Canadian entrepreneur, speaker, and coach. Born and raised in Montreal, he spent his early years exploring the globe as a prominent influencer, only to realize that external pleasures could not provide the inner fulfillment he sought. After a soul-searching trip to Bali, Mike has devoted himself to empowering individuals by guiding them to rewire their subconscious minds, enabling them to achieve their goals while leading lives filled with purpose and meaning. With a passion for helping others unlock their full potential and embrace the life they deserve, Mike has amassed over a decade of expertise in biohacking, neuroscience, breathwork, detoxification, chakras, yoga, and meditation. You can follow Mike on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more.

After reading your bio, I’m interested in this soul-searching trip to Bali that you did right before the pandemic. You describe it as a transformative experience. So what happened on that trip?

Well, first, thanks for having me and thanks everybody that’s listening. I hope that I can provide you with some knowledge today. So the trip to Bali, basically, been on social media for approximately 12 years now, 13 years, and there’s so many things that happened. It was a cool job. I started when I was 22. I didn’t really have a real job since that moment. I went bankrupt at 25. So many things happened, and at some point at this specific moment in my life, I just felt like I was missing purpose. I was missing something in my life. And what I teach in mindset is that every men’s… I specialize in men’s, but women works the same. It’s we need the three P. We need purpose, passion, and profit. And when I was young, I was only focused on profit. Like any other guy, they teach you in society, you want the car, you want the house, you want the yacht, you want the girl, you want everything.

So I just got it wrong. I started with money and my whole life was revolving around money. And in that chase of money, there’s events that happened in my life, like a lot of events, that was telling me it’s not the right way to do it. And when I got 25 went bankrupt… I’m skipping a few events to 25 went bankrupt. I was in in a toxic relationship at this specific point, I didn’t have any of the P, no profit, no money, no nothing. And then I started really diving deep in social media and focusing and dialed in. And I started materializing six figure, within six months was making six figure. I was back up from the bankruptcy. And for two years, I just did everything I thought was the dream, the American dream, the world dream of when you make money and six figure in Canada, like Montreal is a lot of money.

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Like in the LA and Miami, pocket change, it’s going to cost you a lot. But in my city when I used to live there, it was a lot. And not only it was a lot, imagine all the collabs because I was one of the top influencer in Canada. I had trips to the Maldive for free, like $50,000 trip. I had so many different stuff. I had millions and millions of impression, picture with 80,000 likes. So not only I was making a salary, but a lot of my stuff was free in terms of clothing. So you can imagine that life was good and at some point it went crashing on me. And I’m talking about that trip in the Maldive because it was the moment where I said, I need a break. I was in the Maldive $50,000 trip, everything paid for. It’s supposed to be a paradise.

And in my head I’m only thinking, what’s next? This is it. People dream of this vacation their whole life. It’s a honeymoon stuff. Nothing. I was empty inside. So I left for Bali and I needed to find who’s Mike Chabot and what’s the next move. And that comes with purpose. What is my purpose in life? Because I got lost in all that social media, having relationship with girls, toxic relationship, being the king of the male, having a lot of sex, doing everything that they told me to do. Luxury Mercedes, luxury apartment. But for what? So yeah.

Tell us about your Road to Abundance podcast. I browsed your episode list and there are several I’m going to check out. The sleep one for sure, having two young kids at home, the guests and the topic look great, so I’d love to hear more about it.

Yeah, the podcast is amazing, honestly. I use my social media presence to have amazing guests. Even though the podcast was not a big podcast, I started, I was on enough at the beginning. It’s really hard to do a podcast to be honest. I started in studio in LA and stuff. And then now I have a podcast every week and I do it online, so it’s way easier. And one of my friend Dr. Sleep, so Michael Bruce, I invited him on the podcast. I knew probably 99% of the stuff. We have big discussion and we talk about how crucial is your sleep for your mental health, your stress, your anxiety, your performance. And what I teach in mindset and performance, one of the key aspect is sleep. And I’m super against the hustle culture. So one guy that I can give you as an example is the owner of Venmo.

If you live in America, you know Venmo, it’s Brian Johnson, $800 million business that sold to PayPal. And the number one thing he did when he was done, he’s like, “Damn, I regret sacrificing my health, my sleep and everything for that money.” Now he invested over the last two years, $4 million to be tested every day to recoup and reverse aging. And he said, “Health is number one.” So you need your health because without your health you’re done. And even if you build a billion dollar business and you got cancer or anything like that, first you won’t get to enjoy it. Second is you’re going to spend all your money to try to get healthy. So don’t sacrifice it. And that’s what we talk in the podcast. We give some tips like circadian rhythm, which basically is a fancy word or a word that mean like a sleep routine, let’s say like that.

So you need a sleep routine, I would say. Now the latest research prove that if you are any time at sleep for more than one or two hour in between 10:00 PM and 4:00 AM it’s affecting your mental health like crazy. And it’s affecting your performance. And your recuperation from muscle training is dropping drastically your HGH. So growth hormone, when you’re trying to build muscle, you think you’re a bodybuilder, you take steroids, you do all those things, but you skip your sleep. Not good. So make sure that you sleep enough and have a sleep routine. You don’t need to wake up at 5:00 or 6:00 AM. I do wake up at 6, 6 30. That’s the new routine just because I want to be in bed at 10. And the thing is, if I want to be in bed at 10 and I wake up at 10, I only have a 12-hour day to do everything. So it doesn’t work for me.

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And I always want to have around seven, seven hour and a half sleep. And that’s also one thing that Tony Robbins says, I was in his platinum group, the highest group community. Give you an idea, it’s 140,000 for one year to be in this group. And Tony said, “Guys, if I could do one thing and if I could go back,” because he’s 63 and his body is giving up on him, obviously he did a lot of seminar, but he was like, “I would sleep more.” It was too many plane trip, too many, too many things and now worth a billion dollar. But he’s like, even with that money, guys stem cell and all that, it won’t save you don’t sacrifice everything for sleep and your health. Make sure you have balance.

I’m interested in the Rewired experience. Who is a candidate for your program and what can they expect when going through it?

Yeah, so I changed the name. Now it’s Mindset to Million. Basically rewired. It just was a little complicated for people to understand what is rewiring your subconscious mind. So let’s call it mindset. Okay? And the main key thing of the program is having a VIP experience of life. So we remember in the previous question I said the three P, so purpose, passion, and profit. How do we get that? Because that was my life quest 15 years and it’s by having a VIP experience of life. The V stands for value. So it’s your value, your needs and your belief comes with all the trauma and everything. The number two is the most crucial part is identity shifting. We are this version of ourself today and we want to go here. And people often underestimate, they think in terms of material, I want to have this house, I want to have this car I want to have, but who is the version of yourself that get this and does the version of yourself acting like you are today?

I know for a fact that if I don’t work a hundred million right now, I don’t have the habits, I don’t have the identity yet of the Mike Chabot. Can I start behaving like him to match the frequency and get it? Of course. So that is the whole purpose. And then the last one, the P of the VIP is purpose. What is your purpose? And then your purpose can change. So I help people to get really clear, crystal clear on all that. And then we set up a way of life and habits and routine and a way of thinking, reframing your whole identity because a lot of people are very negative. They’re not feeling good most of the day and then they compare themselves. There’s a lot of things that come with not being optimal. So I just transform my client’s life. I started it two years ago and based on I had a hundred percent result.

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All my clients had success. Obviously, I’m very dedicated to my client. Now I do it because I love it. I invested hundreds of thousands in my personal development. I did brain hiking program, I did tons of psychedelic with clinic, ketamine, ibogaine, mushroom, name it. So I did a lot of things to go in the subconscious. Also, I did neuroscience, bio-hacking, breath work, certification. I did yoga. Name it. If it’s optimizing the body and the mind, I’ve done it. So when I go to my client, and it’s funny because often people think about school, I have way more than two PhD for sure in studying. And there was a girl that one of my client is seeing, she’s a PhD in psychology and he texted me, he’s like, Mike, “The girl is so impressed by all the technique I have.” She says, “She doesn’t even have that at school. What is that?”

And he’s like, “Oh, that’s my boy Mike.” And this specific client, I transformed them the way that they behave on a daily and now it his business in one year run from 500,000, which was really good to 2 million and now it’s only the beginning. And that text came one year, almost one year after the program. And that’s why I do it. That’s my purpose. I want everybody to be the best. And how did it trigger me is when I was 19, I was reading all those book and one day I saw Tony Robbins on stage and I saw how people need help and how people want to change and how people don’t know how to actually do it.

And I was like, I’ll dedicate my life to do that. And that was my whole purpose. And now everybody got result and what they can expect, a life-changing experience. If you’re listening right now, I can guarantee result. If you do, as I say, and you’re ready to be guided and coachable, I can’t walk the walk for you. And that’s why it can’t be done without you. I’m guiding you if you do everything I say and you apply it, guaranteed result for sure.

What are some of your personal or professional goals for 2024? In checking out your social media, it looks like it’s a big year for you already with your growing family, so congratulations are in order.

Thank you. So yeah, first thing first, my wife is pregnant, about to pop any day. So I’m going to be a dad for a little girl. I’m super stoked for this. So far 2024 is going to be an amazing year. The thing is, last year a lot of my clients in mindset were asking me how to get viral on social media, how to do things. So I’m just finishing a course. That’s what I was doing all day. I’m putting the last few touch up to the course, I’m releasing it within the next week. My book is releasing this month. I waited… It’s been ready for eight months, but I was waiting for a gut feeling and the gut feeling is now. So everything is launching in February. My book, the course, and of course, the mindset offer. And I took a big break in social media.

So last year I didn’t really do social media. I felt like I needed a time off after 12, 13 years. Now I’m back. Now I’m ready to make content. I’m full on and I want to help as many people as I can. And yeah, that’s what I’m going to do this year. It’s dedicated to serving people, enjoying my time with the wifey, the family. And I’m also starting one last project that is linked to everything is a supplement company called Enhance. So it’s coming anytime soon. I’m getting the product developed right now. We’re going to do the label. So maybe two, three months, two months, I’ll have the sample everything ready? So yeah. And if I can leave you with one tip, guys, it looks like I’m doing a lot, but everything for me is linked together. It’s one big project. It’s under the umbrella of Road to Abundance, which mindset is my main offer, shifting identity.

And then I do, the book is also linked with the mindset. It’s a book for the mindset offer that takes people through an internal journey. The social media is because it was a part that was missing that is a little bit different. My client, a lot of them wanted to get their brand known on social media. They wanted to get more out there. And personally, I don’t find that people know what they talk about. Most of them. It’s like people message you. They have 50,000 followers. They’re like, let me help you famous on Instagram. I’m like, bro, okay. And the supplement brand is because I teach bio-hacking and I want to be able to that my client, I want to make sure that the product they consume in myself is the top of the line. So everything is linked. If I can give you one advice is get Millionaire with one brand, plan A, and then start developing the rest.

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