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Mike Chabot: Mike Chabot, a multifaceted Canadian entrepreneur, speaker, and coach, has navigated an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation. Born and raised in Montreal, he spent his early years exploring the globe as a prominent influencer, only to realize that external pleasures could not provide the inner fulfillment he sought.

In 2019, Mike embarked on a soul-searching pilgrimage to Bali, vowing to return only after unearthing his authentic self and unlocking his potential to create a monumental impact on the world. This transformative experience led him to delve deeper into his spiritual essence and life purpose, culminating in his decision to settle in Los Angeles.

Ever since, Mike has devoted himself to empowering individuals by guiding them to rewire their subconscious minds, enabling them to achieve their goals while leading lives imbued with purpose and meaning. With a passion for helping others unlock their full potential and embrace the life they deserve, Mike has amassed over a decade of expertise in biohacking, neuroscience, breathwork, detoxification, chakras, yoga, and meditation.

His unique blend of wisdom, experience, and unwavering dedication to uplifting others serves as the cornerstone of his work, as he continues to inspire and transform lives across the globe.

Mike Chabot: Mike Chabot now resides in sunny Florida with his loving girlfriend and two adorable French bulldogs, embracing a fulfilled life in which he has successfully mastered the four pillars of existence: health, wealth, relationships, and happiness. As the engaging host of the popular podcast "Road to Abundance," Mike shares invaluable insights and life-changing perspectives with his listeners.

Additionally, he has authored a transformative gratitude journal, empowering individuals to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and manifest positive change in their lives. Through his diverse range of offerings and unwavering commitment to personal growth, Mike continues to inspire countless individuals on their journey towards self-actualization and the realization of their own abundant lives.

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