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Kirsten Collins is a music artist and vlogger, as well as an Intellifluence Top Music Influencer. One could say Kirsten was born a natural performer. Kirsten’s biggest strength is performing live. She has an incredible fluidity and resonance that impacts your heart. One of her unique abilities is to write a song spontaneously on the spot.

Kirsten has written for top worldwide DJ artists in Canada, US and the UK. Kirsten integrates her skills of an entrepreneur into all entertainment. She has had the pleasure of working with brands from all over the world such as tv, record labels, agencies, managers, touring companies, movie deals, fashion, food etc.

Kirsten’s heart is to show people it is possible to follow your passions, and have purpose. To encourage people to love themselves. Creating healing and culture change throughout the world by being confident in ones’ self.

So it looks like you have a new single coming out. Can you tell us a little about it?

It’s coming out on Friday so I’m really excited. Well it’s called Sugar Pop Cocaine, but it’s not about drugs. Don’t worry, I don’t do those. It’s just kind of like how you can fall in love with things that are not necessarily good for you. It’s just kind of an overbearing thing of just like putting yourself in situations that you feed off or you want to be a part of but aren’t healthy for you. So I’m really excited about it and it’s one of my faves so I can’t wait.

I checked out your recent video for Rainbows (which is a really catchy song by the way) and see you listed every brand you are wearing. There were quite a few. Do these brands reach out to you and also, how do you determine whether or not you will wear or endorse a product?

You know it kind of varies from each project that I do. A lot of the time, in that particular case I had a wonderful stylist who kinda connect with the brands themselves. And she was like hey I want to be a part of this. And everything she brought to the table was beautiful and just like eccentric and awesome and colorful and I really just love that.

Other times I really want to make sure that it’s organic with what I love, or who I am, or maybe something that I’m learning about. And anytime in that way like your fan base are the people that look up to you are the people you are responsible for so if i’m putting out something that’s really crazy it’s probably not the best in my situation or for them. So it kinda just varies on each thing I’m doing.

As a successful artist, when did you decide to branch out to influencer marketing and what were the first steps you took to establish yourself as an influencer?

Well growing up I was not allowed to have social media because it was considered unprofessional actually in the traditional realm of music and entertainment. And my little brother, he was the shyest kid ever and he went in and he like took a video of himself one day and built this whole YouTube channel and became a sensation in the influencer world. And so he kind of influenced all of the rest of my family once my parents saw that. That it was professional and awesome. That it was something to really engage with because it gives you leverage in order to really understand who you’re speaking to and what your audience is and also with business it’s good to come in and say I know about this. Like I’n not over so it’s been a journey [and] it’s been a lot. I haven’t always loved social media but one of the best moments of my life was I just posted a random photo and all of a sudden someone messaged me about fixing their relationship with their mom or wanting to live, or wanting to express themselves and what they want to do. And that right there was like okay I’m good, I’ll start this.

Have you used social media for inspiration for your music?

I did. I used it as inspiration for myself, for people around me, [and] my music, You know understanding the business side of the music industry in general. Working with different people, different products, different everything it’s quite an experience in itself I would say.

What has been your most successful partnership with a brand to date?

Oh man. I’ve had so many amazing ones I think. I’ve got work with Mars, I’ve got to work with BMW, I’ve got to work with Kia, I’ve got to work with HP.. Just a list of amazing people that I really got to know. My favorite part about it is when I get to meet the actual brand, whatever they’re called, the people run it. And you just get to connect with them and get to communicate in different ways and learn so much.

I have a blast whatever I’m doing that’s for sure. It’s a lot of fun. I get to express it in how I see it and I think that that’s the coolest part about getting to work personally with a brand.

What has been the weirdest influencer request you have ever received?

Oh my goodness, I don’t know. Wait hmm I’m going to think on this one because I don’t actually know. I’m one of those people that forgets things and I’m like oh, just kidding. Let me get back on that one cause I’m going to have to process it. Oh yeah. You know what, I think that some brands are very new to like  working with influencers. So a lot of the time their questions are a little out of the water. But I can’t really like specify something specific. But I’ve had some ones that are just like they don’t understand what you are doing in anyway. They’re just kinda of really new to it and I think that when you get to kind of help them in that way it gets better. But there’s definitely some weird ones, I just don’t remember any of them and I’m so sorry.

Where do you see influencer marketing in five years, as it pertains to the music industry?

Hmm well it’s becoming such a huge part of the music industry. Social media is really just an intimate way of communicating with the people watch you and see you and look up to you.. So social media in general in any business is going to be expanding because even people who work with cryptocurrencies or microphones or building in real estate social media is such a huge part of that. So with the music industry it’s just going to continue to go and who even know what platforms will kind of integrate, I think that’s how you say it. You know cause there’s partnership now, they have to build on each other. It’s like the whole world is learning what being social is. It’s quite interesting being partnerships and friendships with different areas in life. I think it’s going to keep growing hugely. I don’t even know where it’s going to go. We will probably communicate with aliens to film us. You’re like “yo, you want to film me real quick:. Yeah I don’t know

So I know in the music industry have  been influenced by other artist. Who has influenced your sound?

Very epic, hard, long question. I’m just kidding. I mean I’ve been doing music since literally  my parents put headphones on the belly when I was in there and so who knows what I was listening to when I was inside a belly. Honestly my mom was the first person that ever influenced me into music. And she loved gospel and worships and just really encountering love of God. So that was my first [person] that ever influenced. And I listen to a lot of gospel and a lot of beautiful sounds of just like rhythm and blues. And then all of the sudden I was like yo let’s go rap, that rap life. So I just listen to like Flo Rida and Eminem and 50 cent and all those crazy people. And then from then one I was like Amy Winehouse and all the old classics and the 80’s music. So honestly like my whole life has consisted of different types of music and I’ve got to really hone in on my sound. I say now that it’s a bucket of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and a little bit of Kendrick and sometimes Michael Jackson. You just put it in the bucket and spin it around. I hope that answers your question. But I call it Kirsten-ism and it’s always developing and I think that’s the cool part about music.

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