Tutorial: How to Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign Using Intellifluence

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At Intellifluence, we value your time. Immediately upon registering as a brand, you’ll be prompted to create your first campaign. We want you to get the most out of using our service, and creating a campaign is the first (and most important) step.

In order to run a successful influencer marketing campaign using Intellifluence, it is important to make your campaign attractive to Influencers, so I’ll show you the step-by-step process that will set you up for the best results.

When creating (or adding) a new campaign, the details you enter will be saved as a template for your pitch to Influencers so you can save a tremendous amount of time. Keep in mind you can always change these details within your pitch so it’s customized to specific Influencers and you can also update your campaign details at any time.

The information you enter will also automatically populate as relevant filters when you have created your first campaign and move to the Discover tool to pitch Influencers (Marketplace Plus plans and higher) – saving you even more time and making it simple to find the best candidates for your campaign!

Alright, let’s dive in and create an awesome campaign!

Campaign Essentials

The first thing you are prompted to do is to choose a campaign name. As the old saying goes, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. You want to make sure your campaign stands out to prospective Influencers. Don’t be gimmicky, but also don’t be boring! A good campaign name highlights the product or service you are giving away in an enthusiastic (but realistic) manner.

I’m a runner who loves trying out new gear, so here is a campaign title that would catch my attention: Beat your mile time with a free pair of running shoes!

Hey, I might not beat my mile time but I’ll certainly take a free pair of shoes…

Next, select the type of compensation you want to give influencers. You can choose:

  1. Free product
  2. Cash
  3. Both

You’ll notice an additional field or two appears when toggling between the compensation options where you can add the value of the product and/or the amount of additional cash you are offering.

If offering cash, input the estimated number of influencers you want to work with at this time (you can update this number, along with almost every element of a campaign at any time, so you don’t need to be precise). Cash payments are protected by the Intellifluence Promise, which means influencers are only paid after you have marked the transaction as completed upon reviewing their work.

At this point, you might see a notification letting you know that you do not have enough funds within your account to pay influencers. Don’t worry about this right now, we’ll cover that in a minute. Keep in mind, the more you offer in the way of compensation, the more desirable your campaign will become which should positively affect influencer response.

Once you have added the free product name, value and additional cash amount (if applicable), we get to the Required Work field. Simply put, what work are you requiring of the Influencer?

Whenever I’m giving a demo, I pause at this point to stress the importance of being specific in what you’re looking for. Our customer service specialists can tell you that if there’s one area that can cause a transaction to go sideways, it is not being specific with the Influencer in the work that you are requiring. Be sure to take the time to write out everything you want the influencer to do in a clear manner. Be sure to include all the details so you can reference this if there’s an issue with the work the influencer completes.

In sticking with the running shoes scenario, consider this required work example:

Please post a picture of the running shoes on Instagram. It can be a lay flat (from above) or a picture of you wearing them. Please post on a Monday or Wednesday between 9am and 11am EST.

Once you have added the required work, you can require additional information from the Influencer such as their mailing address (a must-have if you’re shipping a product to them) or their e-mail address.

Next, upload an image that represents the product or service you are offering to act as your campaign image.

Choose a start date and an end date for your campaign (as with all of the campaign details you add, this can be changed at any time).

Marketplace and Public Visibility

By default, your campaign will appear in the Intellifluence Marketplace and will also receive additional exposure through syndication to relevant public external partners as well as our public Marketplace offers. You can choose to skip the latter option with any plan if you would rather limit your campaign to our Intellifluence Marketplace by unchecking the Syndicate offer to public partners option.

The Intellifluence Marketplace enables your campaign to be visible to our entire network of influencers. Only Influencers that meet the criteria of your campaign will be able to see your offer. You can approve or deny any applications you receive. The number of applications you can receive on a monthly basis is dependent on your plan level. You can always upgrade your plan if you would like to receive more applications from Influencers.

If you are using the Regular plan (or higher), you have the option to make your campaign completely private by unchecking the Display in internal marketplace and Syndicate offer to public partners boxes.

Private campaigns are ideal if you simply want to pitch Influencers directly, on your own.

Additional Information

Next, select up to 5 categories that best describe your product or service. This ensures the campaign will be available to Influencers who are experts in the areas your campaigns encompass.

Select the countries as well as the social platforms you want to target in your campaign. Choosing specific countries will ensure that you have access to the best influencers in that geographical location. For example, are you looking for an awesome Canadian influencer to promote your product or service? We’ve got you covered worldwide. Be sure to include the URL for your product or service that you want the Influencer to promote in their post or review.

Finally, take the opportunity to offer a suggested post message for the Influencer, as well as anything specific you want them to touch on or avoid in the Do’s and Don’ts fields.

Once you have entered in all of the information, click the orange Save button at the top of the screen and you should arrive at the Discover tool with all of the relevant information transferred over to act as filters. This will help you find relevant Influencers with ease.

Your campaigns will live in the Campaigns screen, which is accessible using the left menu bar. You’ll also see your most recent campaigns at-a-glance within your dashboard upon logging in.

Campaign Filters

Let’s say you have created a campaign in the past and want to search for relevant Influencers again using Discover. All you have to do is click the Advanced Filters link in the right corner of the Discover search bar then choose the specific campaign from the Set filters based on campaign… dropdown. All of the information from the specific campaign you select will be added as filters to your search and you’ll only see the relevant Influencers!

Once you have set up your campaign, don’t be afraid to tweak it at any point. If you want to change anything about it, simply find the relevant campaign within your campaign screen, click Edit in the top right corner and begin making the changes. Upon the completion of your campaign(s), it is always a good idea to perform a post-mortem to determine what worked and what didn’t. This will set you up for further success in the future.

Now that you know how to create an awesome influencer marketing campaign using Intellifluence, don’t wait any longer – go create your campaign!

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