Last Updated on May 14, 2021


Based in Brazil, Danilo Paulo is the founder of the Tec BR, a YouTube channel that provides reviews, information and video news about technology, electronics and apps, among many other subjects. The channel has partnerships with important brands such as Motorola Brasil, Asus Brasil and Samsung Brasil. In addition to these partnerships, the channel also promotes international retail sites. The main goal of the channel is to provide information in a clear and dynamic way for viewers.

When did you become an influencer?

I don’t know exactly. But actually when I was twelve years old I became interested in technology matters and the YouTube platform is very very popular in Brazil. I use it to watch many channels and so I thought it would be interesting [and] maybe I could do it too. In 2014 I posted my first video and oh my gosh it was terrible.

But two years ago I became a bit more serious and I had a good development. {But to be} more exact at the end of the year in 2018 I get to do things I never thought in my life [I would experience]. For example, meet people, work with wonderful brands, and I’m working to improve my content everyday and with it I’m growing.

As a top YouTube influencer, you have worked with brands such as Motorola, Asus and Samsung. What has been your favorite review so far?

So my favorite review that I made was about the Asus Iphone 5, the 2018 version. Iahd the privilege of receiving this device before the offshore launch and I was very very happy. [Another review] that is a favorite [of mine] is about the Moto G5s plus. The Motorola is very very popular in Brazil and this {review} video isn’t new {but it’s still] my favorite too.

What are some challenges with providing information in a clear and dynamic way (as you have listed as the main goal in your About section)?

So I think I’ve realized in most technology channels is the fact that it follows a standard. The majority is very very technical. This is cool but normally when a person is searching for a device {they want to hear about} your own experience during the use [of the device]. [some advice I would give is] don’t be so technical in a review.

I always try to talk in an uncomplicated way, I always try to pass information in a way that anyone can understand, and I always talk about things that people really want to know and eventually that’s nice because it’s more dynamic.

Is influencer marketing popular in Brazil?

Yes. Brazil is the second most popular YouTube country in the world. Everyone in Brazil accesses YouTube for entertainment and for a study and the number of Brazilian channels is absurdly high. Here our channels have ten million subscribers, twenty million subscribers and Brazilians also make many online purchases and the brands heavily invest in digital marketing in Brazil. This is something very common here with any brand.

What advice do you have for people who want to become influencers?

Actually if you want to be a content creator the first thing you need to know is believe in yourself.  Just make what you like, what you love and all will be alright.