Last Updated on May 14, 2021


Chantelle Fawn is a mom, certified public accountant, model and a farmer’s daughter. In fact, Chantelle is a co-founder of Farmer’s Daughters, a New Mexico-based farm-to-table company that partners with the best restaurants, hotels, breweries and food trucks to serve fresh ingredients from local farms. You can follow Chantelle on Instagram or check out Farmer’s Daughters to learn more about her business.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background on the farm and how you branched out into influencer marketing?

Well it just kind of happened, it evolved. We were just trying to use – my family we have a business, a farming business, so we just tried to use social media to promote it and by doing this we started different photo shoots and using like farm locations just to promote different events. And then it kind of – I branched off to do more personal things and promote all things related to the outdoors and agricultural and western lifestyle and southwest lifestyle, jewelry, and just kind of within those areas.

Also, I am curious. When did you get into modeling and what were some of the first steps you took to establish yourself?

I started modeling, it’s been awhile, over the last few years but more consistently the last two years. I established myself just by reaching out to different people, different photographers and collaborating with them. And then people and brands think that online social media and just sharing it within different groups and platforms. Also directly reaching out to brands themselves.

I know a lot don’t really think about that or don’t think they would have luck but a lot of people are open to them. And also knowing you can help promote them also on your social media

When did you determine that influencer marketing would be a viable revenue stream for you?

I think just like, you know. the first thing that came along just kind of seeing the opportunity within that and just going with it and seeing where it would go and reaching out to, you know, different companies. And then realizing there’s other avenues that companies like yourself that help connect brands and influencers and I found a lot of opportunity within that.

As an entrepreneur, influencer, CPA, model and mother, how do you structure your average day so you can accomplish everything you need to in an efficient manner?

It’s a lot of different projects for sure. I like to plan my time out usually a month in advance or months like bigger projects and then dividing that up. And prior to that making [a list of] which ones [are] a little more of a priority and [which are] more the fun things [to do]. I think definitely the influencer stuff is more of like fun but you definitely get a lot out of it and you are also able to be creative within that.

Can you tell us how Farmer’s Daughters came to be and a little bit of what the company offers?

So Farmers Daughters is a business I started with my cousin. We started this because of our farming background. Our family has been farming for over one hundred years so we’re fourth generation farmers I guess you could say. We just started the business to kind of evolve it to the next generation and kind of create something within the same background. So we started just basically selling our family’s produce that they grew at different restaurants and then we started doing farm to table dinners and farm products.

So we made like body butter with beeswax and so we just wanted to use it to put on spotlight on farming and organic farming and find local and just really promoting that because I think a lot of people kind of forget where their food comes from and all the hard work that goes into it, the families, and the story behind it.

What has been your favorite brand collaboration to-date?

I mean there are so many. I guess my most recent one with Rock and Roll Denim was pretty cool. I got to work with a couple different models or influencers so I like collaborating with different people because I feel like we all help each other out and goes to like a wider network and wider circle of people.

What has been the weirdest request you have received from a brand?

I don’t know if it’s necessarily weird. I guess there is maybe promoting a web browser like use this and we’ll pay you cause I feel like you have to create who you are and what you are trying promote and kind of stay within that. I think it’s probably the key cause you have your audience and why they follow you and kind of giving them what they want versus just telling them anything and everything.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your career? As an influencer, model, CPA, whichever…

I think like within all those aspect has been rewarding moments. I know with my CPA license it took me forever and a lot of hard work to get so when I actually passed and achieved that it was really rewarding. But I think the thing that is closest to heart is the farming just because it’s my life and my family and our legacy so being able to really promote it and get it to this huge audience where as before it wouldn’t have been seen. And being able to create a brand out of that out of nothing is just really rewarding as well.