Last Updated on December 28, 2020


Dogswell is an innovative brand that produces healthy, clean dog treats and food. Dogswell meaty treats are made in their own manufacturing plant in Missouri. All Dogswell treats are grain-free, contain nothing artificial, as well as no added gluten. Dogswell was kind enough to send me a generous array of delicious treats for my dogs, Penny and Coco.

The energy treats are perfect for my puppy (Coco) as she runs around the house expelling a lot of energy and goes on mile long walks which tire her out. The energy treats are perfect for her as they are designed to help hydrate and energize. Additionally, Coco is a picky eater and sometimes getting her to eat her food on a regular basis is difficult as she easily becomes distracted, which provides an opening for my older dog Penny to swoop in and eat it up. While the energy treats help hydrate Coco, they are also high in calories which helps sustain Coco’s appetite through the day until dinner. The treats come in a packet which is beneficial to me as a dog owner because Coco can finish the treat without getting distracted like she does when I attempt to feed her the puppy food.

The Dental treats are a definite perk for me and my dogs because they do not like having their teeth cleaned in the slightest. Whenever I’ve attempted to clean Penny’s or Coco’s teeth in the past with a dog-safe toothbrush and toothpaste, it has been an event to get their teeth actually brushed before they lick the toothpaste off and run away.

The dental treats I received from Dogswell not only helps clean their teeth but gives their breathe a minty smell. The dental treats I’ve given my dogs in the past have had an interesting smell associated with them. Conversely, the Dogswell dental treats actually have a minty scent to them prior to the pups devouring them. When they receive the dental treats, Penny’s is usually gone within 5 seconds. Meanwhile, Coco takes a little more time to enjoy the treat.

The last bag I received was a 2lb bag of Jerky treats. While the jerky treats don’t necessarily freshen my dogs breath, cleans their teeth, or provides them with energy like the aforementioned treats, my dogs do still love them. Coco has a habit of barking when she is outside and in order to get her inside the house and quiet, I shake the jerky bag of treats to entice her inside and give her a treat so as not to be cruel and tease her.

When I shake the bag of treats to get Coco inside, Penny usually comes running down the hallway and sits at my feet expecting to get one as well. Being a “dog mom” and not wanting to favor one dog over the other, I usually give both dogs a treat even if one of them didn’t do anything to earn it.

All in all, Coco is the pickiest eater out of my dogs and if you haven’t caught on quite yet, Penny is a food thief but they both enjoy Dogswell treats equally. Coco may just need to eat hers a little bit faster if she wants to ensure she gets the whole treat.

If you have a dog that loves food like my Penny and if you also have a picky dog like Coco, I recommend giving the treats to the dogs in separate rooms. I cannot guarantee if your dog loves food, he/she still won’t attempt to steal treats because Penny tries on a regular basis. Both dogs love the treats so much that once they finish the one they were eating, they head over to where I keep the bags of treats and sit there hoping to get another. It’s safe to say I’m a pushover when it comes to them and they may receive a second treat every once and awhile, but hey, they are cute and I’m powerless to the puppy look…

Transcript of Brands We Love: Dogswell video:

So Sammi, what do you like about Dogswell?

One, that first all the ingredients are made in the USA. So some of the products have Glucosamine, which is really good for older dogs.

Which is really actually good for Penny because she has arthritis. So it helps with all her hip movement, joints and all that. And then they also have high energy and high calories for a smaller dog like Coco here, who runs around like a maniac around the house.

So, when Coco doesn’t want to eat her food, which is pretty much every day, because this one eats it, we give her the high calorie treats to kind of make up and get her nutrition in there for her.

Now it’s one thing for a dog treat to be healthy, but it’s another thing for the dog to actually enjoy it time after time after time. So let’s see if they enjoy it…

On the menu today was the Dogswell jerky dog treats made in the USA. These delicious dog treats are made with real chicken and raised without added hormones. There’s only eight simple ingredients. They’re high in protein with clean ingredients your puppy will love. Looking for a healthy dog treat that is sure to impress?

You can find Dogswell treats and food products in popular pet stores such as PetSmart and Petco, online on Amazon, or use their Where to Buy feature to find a local pet retailer near you.