Yan Huang

Yan Huang


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Hello everyone, it's Yan 2.0 in 2021, based in Singapore the sunny island.

I love to write, I love to move, I love to coach.
I love to inspire and motivate you! YouTube and Medium is my current muse for all that. 

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I currently use YouTube as my platform to share how I use various lifestyle, fitness, and wellness-related products for personal well-being. 

I also cover any intelligent and interesting tools and methods for an effective entrepreneurial life. 

My unicorn dream is to create a better world and spread good vibes for people. because we all live once and might as well make full use of it. 

As a certified integrative health coach, fitness & movement practitioner, writer, digital content creator, and entrepreneur

I am passionate about empowering lives by combining movement, mindfulness, and modalities (3Ms) to optimize their well-being and get aligned to their true selves.

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I will post and creat reels and videos on the content given

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