Tiffany Little

Tiffany Little

United Kingdom

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Former unhappy office worker, now full-time artist working from home. I paint in various mediums, create bespoke leather products and also have experience in fashion styling and photoshoot coordination. 

Creating an efficient live/work space is an eternal battle but one I haven't lost just yet... Although I am notorious for taking over every room in the house. I live with my partner and one child substitute in the form of a working Border Collie. 

As I'm approaching my mid thirties, I have become a lot more invested in preserving my meat clockwork and so have really delved into skincare and lately fitness; I have abs forming for the first time in my existence and I am THRILLED. 

I fully embrace being a bit of a weird one and happily share my love of all things true crime, anime, art, drag and history. Often combining all of these inspirations in my own creative works.

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