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About Me
Hello, I'm Terrie, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger living in grace with my family in Ghana. My blog talks about mostly my life as a Ghanaian girl and also, my way of sharing some of my most cherished things with you, from beauty tips, lookbooks and lifestyle. I love blogging and I also love to share knowledge.

Getting the chance to work with wonderful brands like yours helps me to expand my horrizon and helps you to get the traction you need to grow. So why don't we work together. I absolutely love doing product reviews. I would be willing to work with any brand if only you agree to give me the liberty to share my honest opinion with my audience.
They love me and I love them. We are a huge fam-bam.
I also sell ad space on my blog - every little inche is for hiring. So why don't you contact me
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