Susann Deysel

Susann Deysel

South Africa

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Hey there, I'm Susann, a passionate mom influencer who loves sharing the joys and challenges of family life through my platform. Join me as I embark on exciting family outings, embrace the chaos, and celebrate the beauty of everyday moments.

As a mom of 2 wonderful kids, I understand the importance of creating lasting memories and nurturing strong family bonds. Through my content, I strive to inspire other families to make the most of their time together, whether it's exploring new places, enjoying simple pleasures at home, or finding creative ways to connect.

Family outings are our specialty! From epic road trips to nearby adventures, we're always on the lookout for thrilling destinations that cater to all ages. I believe in the power of exploration to foster curiosity and broaden our horizons, whether we're uncovering hidden gems in our own community or venturing off to far-flung destinations.

In addition to family outings and family life, I also delve into lifestyle topics that touch upon various aspects of our everyday existence. Whether it's fashion and style, home decor and organization, or personal growth and self-improvement, I aim to provide practical inspiration and share my journey as I strive to find balance in all areas of my life.

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