stu luke

stu luke

United Kingdom

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Hi! My name is Stuart, I run a blog at [link-omitted] which specializes in reviewing consumer products, film/TV, pop culture, tech, gaming, craft beer and just about anything to get geeky over! In the past I have collaborated with companies on various topics, campaigns and projects including : (Gaming Releases) Bethesda Softworks [link-omitted] [link-omitted] [link-omitted] (Film Releases) One Can Pictures [link-omitted] (Product Releases/event) Cans Across The World / Best Of British Beer [link-omitted] If this is something you would be up for discussing please do not hesitate to contact me and please feel free to browse my work and social media accounts for a suitable review format. Thankyou for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon Stuart

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