Refilwe Molewa

Refilwe Molewa

South Africa

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Allow me to be me
Permit my weird self to be released
Allow with it ease
Do  not hold it back
For it will not be refrained
But re-imagined 

Let it show you its true colors
True colors of desire
True colors of passion
True colors of ambition
           And purpose

Let it  be free from fear
Let its true gestures be dear
But let it have boundaries
That of the quiet sea
And peaceful lagoon
Boundaries that of beautiful Zimbabwe
And colourful South Africa

Nourish the soil it shall grow on
Allow worms to prey on its roots
Permit insects to pin holes in its leaves
For this is the journey of blooming
Blooming blooming blooming
Blooming into the Camellia it is
The chocolate sunflower it seems to be
And the anemone it needs to be.

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