Paulina Tyrala

Paulina Tyrala


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My name is Paulina and I am a makeup artist. 

I come from Poland, but I live in Italy. I am a type of an artist with a mathematical mind. It is anextremely difficult combination to live with.


Well, my blogging adventure started for good in 2016 when I moved to Italy. I created an Instagram account about my makeups. At the beginning my nickname was your_makeup_inspiration but with time I found a lot of pleasure in other areas then makeup so I had to change my nickname! From that moment I am officially "MINIMUALIST". It's a combination of a minimalist style that I love with the name MUA (Makeup Artist). My dear followers on Instagram asked me many times to create finally a blog where they can find something more then just quick mentions on Instagram, so I created one where You are just now!



That's another tricky question! I was born in Warsaw where I lived for 22 years of my life, then I decided to move to Italy and I lived in Rome for almost 2 years but then my heart brought me to Latina, the city of my boyfriend. All my family lives in Warsaw so I am visiting them as often and for as long as it is possible. The thing is that I love all the places where I lived and in each one of them I left a piece of my heart. But the truth is that my home is where my boyfriend and family are. It seems that for the moment I have two homes then! I hope to have them all together next to me one day!


[link-omitted]?1537516956HOW DID I BECOME A MAKEUP ARTIST?

My passion for makeup started already when I was a little girl. No... I was not doing my makeup in primary school. I started with creating tattoos on the back of my mum with her eye pencils and mascaras. I was drawing everything on her! Then in secondary school, I was visiting often with my friends Sephora and I was creating on them makeups with testers from the shop. I started to experiment with my own makeup when I was 14. The first cosmetics ever that I used on me was a blush, I exaggerated a lot and I was pretending in front of my friends that I do not wear any makeup!

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