Paul Cooke

Paul Cooke

United Kingdom

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I founded Sade in 1981 with Paul Denman, Stuart Mathewman from Hull, East Yorkshire and Helen Adu from Clacton, Essex. I originated the drums on all of the songs in that period and helped to co-write and arrange the work for performance in the USA and Europe. I performed on TV, Radio and in live events with the band including TOTP's in 1984. I played on two top ten Sade hits in the UK and USA charts. Sade became the biggest UK female artist of all time in 1984 and I received triple platinum discs from the BPI for Diamond Life. The album Diamond Life that I shaped and helped produce and mix in 1983 sold over 10 Million copies worldwide... I was only 21 years old at this time. Further to this I established one of the biggest UK Jazz-Funk bands on the London music scene and was band leader and backing singer, writer and arranger for the group. The group was offered a recording contract in 1986 by London Records, the group played at the Albert Hall and I performed live on stage as a backing singer for the band. The band was also signed to the Madness label Zarjazz and I co-produced the bands single 'Message in a Melody' with Mark Bedford the bands bass player. Further to this I established Soul/Jazz band 'Papa Divine' that I fronted as the lead singer and main songwriter. I wrote music and produced bands such as MBDK (Punk/rock) and also worked with Madness in the studio on the hit 'Uncle Sam'. In the late 80's I established IVI Records and recorded and produced two 7" singles for the label and promoted and marketed the products in the UK. In the 90's I established P Eye Eye a duo that subsequently signed to TIME recordings in Nottingham England. The bands iconic track Lost at Sea was released on EMIT 2295 in Europe and EMIT 2000 in the USA. The track and albums have since become electronic cult classics and much sought after by collectors worldwide. P Eye Eye produced a series of experimental electronica albums over the 90’s. In 2018 further to my studies at the University of Hull I was awarded my Masters degree in the Arts (with merit). I currently run SADE tm a company that promotes and places music product in film, commercials and via social media, I have also established SADE minting that promotes music and other creative assets via worldwide bitcoin networks.

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