Nicole Paler

Nicole Paler


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Started blogging for 8 years with documenting my make up journey, and the occasional food post.

Today, I handle Chic Mix. It is a mix of my ideas and experiences from motherhood, beauty, travel and what the current trends are today. 

Freelance product/events photographer and writer by profession, full time mom 24/7. I also studied make up artistry and give makeovers to people who are close to my heart. Make up is the start to my blogging journey.

I love sharing my personal experiences on stuff I bought or did- be it make up, food or my trip abroad with kids. These are things that my readers love to read about, contribute and give their own feedback as well on Chic Mix. 

I usually bake cinnamon rolls, cook up a pretty good ramen and katsudon and capture memories through my camera. I am really passionate about beauty, travel, family and my photography.

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