Meisie Modiga

Meisie Modiga

South Africa

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WHAT MAKES MEISIE UNIQUE: Meisie's Creativity is original and innovative. She is also very logical and analytical in her creativity. She is open-minded, enjoys novelty and change, and is often coming up with new and interesting ideas. Meisie prefers to think when solving problems. She prefers to be hands on and get stuck in. Meisie enjoys finding intuitive solutions to practical problems and believes learning comes from experience, not text-books. She applies her common-sense approach to even complex situations. Meisie's Drive shows her level of ambition. She is confident and always aims to do her very best work, but she doesn't see the people around her as rivals. So while Meisie enjoys being praised for her achievements, she is equally happy to see others being recognised for theirs. Meisie manages relationships well but she also works well independently. Meisie enjoys being at a stage in her life where she is helping other people, establishing connections and growing a network.

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