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Maya Nirmala Sari


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Lecturer - Writer - Financial Advisor

Founder of Digital Content Creators Indonesia Community.

Maya Nirmala Sari – Lecturer at an Islamic University who likes picnics and culinary tours. Founder of the Solo Culinary Community (KuLo), founder of DCC Indonesia, and the official team of [link-omitted]. Since childhood, she love to learn and try new things. Digital Media Strategist and build Nirmala Media, a content & influencer management in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia.

She was interested in the world of journalism, but due to a condition he ended up studying in management and having a career of more than 15 years in finance. Therefore, she uses her free time to channel his hobby of citizen journalism-style coverage that is sent to several national television stations. She has won several awards. 

She is also active as a freelance editor & content writer for several leading websites, especially on the theme of traveling and business & finance. Married at the age of 20, her main focus is to be a good wife and struggle together from scratch. She also cares about the environment, loves fruits, is often sick, and hates cigarette smoke. Trying to be consistent with light exercise every day is the mainstay for maintaining health.

Watching Korean dramas and creating recipe content is a favorite me-time on the weekends. Synergizing with the communities she hosts and sponsoring assistance, she often organizes free workshops on various skills in the digital realm, such as making vlogs, writing articles, and optimizing social media. She also helps by providing digital campaign packages at affordable prices through Nirmala Media. 

About Nirmala Media :

Nirmala Media started as a blog in 2014 which became a place for citizen journalists to work. Since 2016, Nirmala Media has started to act as a digital agency that focuses on influencer management and provides content creation services, especially article writing for several company websites. Until now, Nirmala Media has served hundreds of customers from various industrial fields, such as hospitality, tourism, fintech, securities, education, electronics, and various other fields. The influencers and content writers who join Nirmala Media have years of experience and expertise in their respective fields. If you are interested in collaborating, you can send an email to [link-omitted]

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