Marisa Moon

Marisa Moon

United States

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Hello! I'm a certified Primal Health Coach with a passion for Ancestral Health and natural living. I help busy adults forget rules and end dieting so they can live a balanced, feel-good life that works for their own unique lifestyle.

I began my nutrition journey by starting a Paleo-ish recipe blog called My Longevity Kitchen. Years later I followed my new passion into the field of health coaching so that I can share with others and help them find health and vitality in their own way. 

My work is comprised of private health coaching, intermittent fasting group coaching, hosting and producing my podcast called [link-omitted], and writing articles for the [link-omitted]. I created an online course called [link-omitted] to teach frustrated dieters how to use brief daily fasts and nourishing foods to create the life and body they want.

Intermittent Fasting changed my life, helping me with the struggles of my ADD-brain, and giving me abundant daytime energy with effortless weight maintenance. I teach the most flexible fasting lifestyle so that others can learn the best way to make it into an enjoy lifestyle that pays off forever. 

One of the biggest things that differentiates me from other Intermittent Fasting influencers is that I live my life, and my philosophy, in the carb moderation [link-omitted]'s not LOW carb or keto, although I am a big fan of those for short-term interventions, and it's not the standard high-carbohydrate diet where most American's and plant-based eaters live their days. It's a more natural carb intake that's fun, enjoyable, but low enough to keep insulin levels in check. 

Years ago I left the city of Chicago to live just beyond the border, in the country in northwest Indiana. I now live on 10 acres of wooded land, raise chickens, and practice gardening (although I am terrible at it so far). I'm married to an emergency room physician with a license as an osteopathic doctor. I think we really balance each other out because we are complete opposites and we inspire one another to stay curious, and keep learning. 

I absolutely love food, and love cooking. Cooking is my therapy, my hobby, and my art-form. I especially love old-fashioned traditional preparations, inspired by the times before modern food processing and short cuts. I try to source all of our meat and wild seafood from a local farm or purveyor that practices sustainable and regenerative farming. It's important to me to support an ecosystem and livelihood that is in accordance with the Earth's design, but also honoring the circle of life. 

I love helping other brands get the word out about their products if it's something I believe in and use myself. That being said, I don't take on many influencer opportunities because I am extremely particular in the products I want to be affiliated with, and I have found in my experience that it's usually not worth the time and effort involved unless the company really strikes a chord with me or compensates in a generous enough manner to make it reciprocal to me.

I'm happy to promote on my Instagram profile [link-omitted], Facebook [link-omitted], and on my podcast called The Foundation of Wellness. I'm especially interested in doing a product review or unboxing on my IGTV or on the podcast. I'm happy to do unboxing videos or product reviews on Youtube, but I do not spend much time on that platform so you are aware. Thank you for your consideration and, if you read this all the way to the end, I'm impressed! I appreciate your time. 

Sincerely, Marisa—pronounce Mareeesa

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