Marco Polo Demo

Marco Polo Demo


speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

Creativity and imagination that's what drives me to make my content for my different platforms, from video to graphics to writing. It's all about expressing my feelings, thoughts, and ideas. 

I love to go on a journey, admire different artworks, get to know the culture, discover the history, and get adventurous with my palate.  Of course, all of these would not matter if I just keep it with me, that's why I created the name Kwento Ni Toto, which is translated as Toto's Story. I get to tell them based on my experiences. 

I love to learn new things, most especially those that capture my interest. If you think I pique your interest, please do give me a line, and let's work together.

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I will create a you tube video

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I will Skincare ,makeup

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