Lynne Huysamen

Lynne Huysamen

South Africa

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Kaboutjie is my South African mommy blog where I write about all things pertaining to family, women, motherhood, health, mental health, mompreneurship and running a home.

I started an online baby store in 2012 when my first baby was four months old and along the way I fell in love with blogging and online marketing. I changed direction in 2015, closing my online store and making my main business a blog.

While I write about a wide range of topics my main my focus is around real, raw motherhood and sharing tips for moms to cope and find balance as a mother.

While I am on a number of social media platforms, my blog and my Facebook page are where I shine and where I like to focus most of my efforts. The best part of my work week is a Friday morning when I do my weekly live video, streamed to my Facebook page and Youtube channel.

I'm a recovering alcoholic and addict (13 years in recovery) with bipolar disorder, so mental health is another passion of mine. I enjoy sharing my story of recovery because it helps others and through sharing my own story I find healing for myself and it makes my recovery stronger.

I found adapting to becoming a mother particularly hard. I fell pregnant three months into a new long distance relationship when I was two years clean. I was only just finding my feet after wrecking my life for 15 years in active addiction.

Following the birth of my first baby I struggled with postnatal depression for six months and it was tough keeping it all together. Starting my online business gave me joy and something of my own to work while navigating the world of motherhood.

My life has not been picture perfect and neither is my blog. I prefer to keep it raw and real, reflecting the issues I’ve face in my live and on a day to day basis.

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