Liz Lawson

Liz Lawson

United States

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I'm a late-20-something Jane of all trades—master of Uno and awkward moments.

My blog, Janepedia, is a lifestyle blog I manage quite rebelliously—I take risks and trust my higher power that they're worth it, even if they're not popular. So far, so good. One of my biggest passions is the environment, and I work this into my blog as often as I can.

Locally grown in Texas, I'm back to the metroplex I started in at birth—Dallas/Fort Worth—which was totally unplanned, but what can ya do? Currently, I'm holed up in suburgatory about 30 minutes outside Dallas.

When I'm not working on my blog, I'm consuming fiction (in movies, in TV, in books), dancing while I cook, or gardening.

 My work is an ode to spoonies—to make life easier for them, to help people in their life understand them better, and/or to illustrate common ground between humans of all abilities. Oh—and I have a tree hugger agenda.

There's a bit of everything on my blog—over 1000 posts does that to a site—so it holds a lot of flexibility.

What I don't accept:

  • guest posts
  • not disclosing (it's against FTC guidelines; there are no loopholes—and even if there were, I owe it to my readers to stick to my blogging [link-omitted] I adhere to integrity)
  • removal of creative freedom and my voice

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