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Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a Registered Dietitian in Houston, Texas. I love what I do, and I love sharing my knowledge about wellness and nutrition! What makes me different than the MILLIONS of other wellness bloggers? Well… first things first… I have a degree in this stuff. It’s one thing to have a passion for it (really, it’s great), but I’ve had 5 years of schooling, passed a registration test (woof), practiced as a registered dietitian since 2008, and I get re-certified every 5 years by completing continuing education for this stuff. So if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a “nutritionist” and a “dietitian” is, just see above. Anyone can deem themselves a “nutritionist,” but not just anyone can call them self a registered dietitian. Stepping off my soap box now… So now that I’ve differentiated myself as a dietitian, what makes me a unique dietitian? I LOVE DESSERT. Yep, LOVE it. Eat it every. single. day. Don’t get me wrong, I eat healthy. But I’m not unrealistic about it. So if you’re looking for a quirky, realistic wellness blog to follow, you’ve found the right place. Great to meet you!

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