Kez Will

Kez Will

Hong Kong

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I'm a not-so-young teacher who uses the school holidays to go on crazy travel adventures, usually in unique, faraway places. I've made it to 133 UN+ countries so far. I've set foot on every inhabited continent and I intend to visit all every single country in the world before I reach middle age. I won't stop moving until I'm done!  

I always travel solo and love making new friends along the way. As you can imagine, I have a pretty international bunch of friends across 6 continents. You'll often find me staying with locals, so that I can truly understand the individual circumstances faced by people living in different places all around the world. 

When I'm not trying to pick the brains of locals, I'm normally wandering around looking for the perfect picture or the most adventurous thing I can do in the area. When the day's adventures are over, I'll happily devour some local delicacies with a cup of local tea. Then drink more tea.

During the academic year, when I'm not travelling, I can be found entertaining the younger generation and encouraging them to reach their full potential. Outside of school hours, I often give my spare time to charities that work with disadvantaged people, mainly the elderly, that are living in low socio-economic areas.

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