Kerri Ciccketti

Kerri Ciccketti

United States

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Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

My name is Kerri, and I am 38 years old. My birthday is Oct 22nd. So I will be 39 in 5 days from today. 

I have been using the internet since it came out, and have been using social media channels since each one came out as well. My favorite ones that I stick to most of the time are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and I’m getting more into Instagram. I have accounts at most of the others, I just am not on them every day.

I have my own website/blog. And also I use 1 of my Facebook pages to post a lot of information on, and share things on. I love being online and I love blogging.

I cancelled my old blog because I did not like the site that I was using so I started new on Wordpress, and am just trying to get used to using their website.

But my passions to blog about are animals, I love sharing photos and videos of cute animals. Also the other Facebook page that I run is all about trying to help animals in any ways people can. From sharing petitions to sign, or animals that are in need of adoption.

I am a mother as well, and love to blog about family life, parenting, daily life as a mother and wife, savings, coupons,
making money, places to go with family, fitness, hiking, exercise, teenagers, food, cooking, ect......

In addition, another one of my favorite things is beauty products, skin care, shopping, and getting amazing deals!
Also finding and trying out latest and greatest items on the market. And being the first in my group of family and friends to check them all out.

And then I love to be the one to let everyone know about them and love to see everyone’s responses and reactions to the items.
Especially electronics, because everything is so innovative and new stuff is coming out all the time, and some of the things they are coming out with are so cool.

So I love showing them off, and showing people how to use them 

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