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Ken Periman

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To prospective companies interested in working with Ken Periman,

I am an experienced person (read: older) that loves to do reviews of products and gadgets of all types but from the perspective of an average guy. This means I am not that super tech-ie guy that speaks a different language that only a select few can understand. Nor am I that person that has a total lack of knowledge of most subjects where I might sound uninformed of the product and thus seem dishonest or at least fake and provide no value to the product purchase journey of the customer.

As I said, I am a fan of all types of products and gadgets and I enjoy doing reviews of these products so that I may keep people informed on these products and what they can expect from said products. I hope these people watching/reading my reviews will feel that they were informed well enough and have confidence in the decisions they make and while simultaneously allow the product company to feel confident that the review will help sway the customer to purchase their product. The best win-win situation I can think of.

So, what about me? I own a small (currently) YouTube channel, [link-omitted] where I mainly do product reviews from the perspective of the average guy and share my honest opinions with my small but dedicated audience. I also own an Instagram account, [link-omitted]  that, at the moment, has relatively the same number of followers as my YouTube account. Also, I have a TikTok, Twitter and my own personal website where I am adding my reviews of products but in the written form (Blogging). All this is to say that sometimes you need Nano-Influencers to provide a bit of that smaller, intimate feel to help sell more products.

As a small YouTuber, I understand that offering a product for review requires time and resources, and I appreciate the opportunity to showcase your product on my social channels. My channels may have a small audience, but they are highly engaged and loyal to my content. I take pride in providing well-researched and honest reviews that my audience values and trusts.

I would be delighted to feature your products in my next video and share my honest opinion with my audience. Your product will receive exposure to a smaller but highly targeted audience, which may result in increased sales and brand awareness.

So, what do you say, take a chance with an up-and-coming YouTuber/Social Influencer/Blogger that has a passion in all things’ tech/Gadgets and on top of that gives reviews from the perspective of your average guy who loves doing this.

Please let me know if you need any further information or have any questions about my channel. I am excited about the possibility of working together to review and sell products that will make our customers happy, informed and satisfied with what they have chosen to invest their money in.


Thank you for your time and I appreciate your consideration.


Ken Periman.

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