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Kaycee Enerva


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Kaycee, also known as Kikaysikat or The Macho Mom is a proud single parent to Geof, who you may all know as Macho Kid.

She used to work in the IT Industry for 10 years as a software developer and analyst and quit the 9-5 life not just to pursue her passion which is writing and creating content but also because there's no one else to look after her son. Being a single mom and all.

Today she's a multi-hyphenate who juggles work as an SEO Consultant, digital content creator, and writer.

An advocate of self-love, magic, and mental health. She was diagnosed with Bipolar-1 disorder but that won't ever stop her from trying to live the best of her life one day at a time. As a single mom raising Geof, she makes sure he grows up knowing that men and women are equal. Colours, careers, and passion have no gender. She teaches by example.

Being a Macho Mom doesn't just mean lifting heavyweights. It's being strong in spite of the challenges we face.

Kaycee seeks to inspire, empower, and educate, not just to enable.

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I will publish a well-written review of your brand on my website



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