Kat Varela

Kat Varela

United States

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I am an explorer. I am most passionate about wine. Anything that has to deal with wine; smelling, sipping, speculating, selling. Being that I come from a Latin background, I crave the unknown world and everything that comes with it; culture, wine, food fashion. Which is why I have a Bachelor's degree in International Business. I studied Green Management in an attempt to become a more environmentally conscious human being. I believe that we each have the responsibility to make this world a better place for the next generations to come. That being said, I am a health advocate. My friends get sick and tired of me talking about vegan beefless beef recipes, yoga poses, meditation soundtracks, running shoes, hiking trails, and the latest organic, unscented deodorant I have tried out. I am a dog lover, especially my own. One of my favorite past times is wrestling my 100 pound black Labrador for his football so I can throw it, only for him to bring it back to me and do it all over again. Other hobbies include painting, writing, coloring, drawing, and arts and crafts. Although I do try to be as active as I can be, I have no problem kicking my heels up and binge-watching the latest season of what Netflix has to offer, with a generous serving of coconut milk ice cream.

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