Kai Darul

Kai Darul


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In the blogging world, I am more known as Kai Darul. I have started blogging when I was still in highschool back in 2007. I took blogging more seriously in 2010 when I was taking Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Fast forward to today, I work as the head of the Accounting Office. 

I am married. I have one 19-month old baby boy, and currently pregnant with baby number 2. I like to think that I am a full-time mom even though I work five days a week. I usually bring my baby to my workplace and my staff helps me whenever they could such as when they dont have a task on hand. I give credit to my workplace for being lenient for new moms like me. 

Moreover, I and my husband maintain our little home by ourselves. On our free time, both of us like hanging out and talking about life. On my free time, I like to read and write, thus my love for blogging. 

I dream of taking law in the future. As of now, I am busy being the head of an office, a home-maker and a wife. 

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