Joko Yugiyanto

Joko Yugiyanto


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It might be a little naive to say work is a hobby.

The same goes for writing activities. Where now I have resigned from the world of professional work and chose to become a full time blogger.

But the fact is that it is, my rites in general are doing good for others, studying, working, eating, sleeping and sleeping. The rest can almost be said like people in general.

I say work is my hobby because it could be in one 24 hours I will work more than 12 hours. Even on weekends I will still work. Understand that now work can be anywhere and anytime.

Even at the extreme level I can work on the toilet while defecating. Just armed with a cellphone and the task is done.

Don't be surprised then if in the blog there are many stories that I find in my daily life.

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