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I will help bring your business to the next level.

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About this offer

I will to best to help grow your business. I will give my 110% to make sure you will fully satisfied with my service and you'll be my longtime partner in business. Satisfaction is the name of the game!

About the influencer

Homer Obeja

Homer Obeja

46K Reach

A highly motivated, confident Sales Consultant/Sales and Marketing Executive/Customer Service or consultancy position with exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills. Having extensive experience in identifying the needs of corporate customers and of running and delivering sales and marketing campaigns for key clients. Possessing a significant record of achievement in account management and able to quickly understand the mission, vision, and values of an organization. Now looking for a new and challenging Sales Consultant/Sales and Marketing Executive/Customer Service or consultancy position, one which will make the best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my personal and professional development. KEY SKILLS  Business development  Marketing campaigns  Direct marketing  Sales administration  Account administration  Database marketing  Client retention  Excellent account management skills  Strong presentation and negotiation skills.  Contacting and communicating with high-end decision-makers  Ability to follow up with clients in a timely professional manner  Good knowledge of Customer Marketing Databases and how to use them  A successful track record in new business development within the SME sector  Ability to work long hours, often under pressure SELF DESCRIPTION (From Significant others) A linear thinker, sensible, and a bit dull at times. Trustworthy tried and true friend who could be stubborn pain sometimes. Prefers to be passive, but jumps right in to address the problem when the situation calls for it. Feels most comfortable in the middle of the pack than to lead the group, meticulous to the point of distractions, doesn’t leave anything to chance, and is honest as the day is long. Has tremendous control over emotion but, when pushed too far- things can get ugly (it’s gonna be a hell of a perfect match). Has stern exterior, deep down, has a sense of humor that, once turned on, is a joy to behold.


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