Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown

United States

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I am a Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel blogger in Phoenix Arizona. I write about trends, accessories, the latest beauty products, places to eat, things to go and do etc. I also am working on including photography and a health/wellness section, I am a big supporter of natural products when I can find them. So anything along the lines of the topics I write about would be great! I just became affiliated with the Phoenix Fashion Week Team as well and will be writing for their website soon so I suppose I am open to different kinds of products as well. My style is clean lines and luxury so jewelry, apparel, skin care products, electronics are right up my alley of topics. As a fashion blogger I do a lot of outfit shots, sometimes on location or just at my home. I apply a lot of emphasis on details like my sunglasses, shoes, the cool fastener on my purse or the delicacy of my earrings and makeup. Living in Arizona I have the great benefit of sunny resort weather year round, that means year round shooting as well as pool access for shoots. And just an hour or so away I can also access fall colors and snow for autumn/winter shoots, it really is the best of both worlds.

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