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Jacob Millar

United States

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Over 50% of the world's top 50 influencers are musicians. From Katy Perry to Taylor Swift, to Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, musicians seem to hold the key to unlocking people's desires for new products. The issue is that most of these influencers will charge you thousands if not millions of dollars for a single picture and post on their platforms. Most business will shudder at the idea of spending six figures on a single Instagram post due to the risk factors that exist; will anyone actually buy the product or will they just like the photo? The solution? Musicians who can influence other musicians. What if you took those six figures and rather than paying one person for one post, you paid 100 people for 100 posts? Not only do you mitigate your risk, you increase your odds of reaching those that actually need your product by 100x. My name is Jacob Millar, I have been an active musician living in Los Angeles for 5 years while I worked for Skrillex at his label, OWSLA. During my time at OWSLA I made unique relationships with many artists and musicians young and old. This puts me in a unique position where while I do not have as big of a reach as Justin Bieber, many people close to Biebs follow me, including Skrillex himself. I have the ability to influence the influencers, which most people cannot say. Want to find out more? Feel free to connect with me and ask me anything. I'm an open book and looking forward to getting to know you better.

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