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A wife and mother of 3, a public teacher, a blogger and an influencer. 

I started blogging way back in 2008. By then  I was still single and so engrossed in writing. Honestly, it is one of my passions. Then I got married in 2011 and by that time I and my hubby were trying hard to earn extra income for our growing family because in the same year I got pregnant. Then parenting becomes a great challenge. I was so focused on my baby that I seldom write. I used to have three blogs but as time pass by, was able to maintain just my main blog because by then I was having my second then was hired in public school and a year after had my third baby. Time management was a real challenge then but I still manage to write and accept opportunities if given the chance. Now my eldest was already nine, followed by seven then my youngest at four and I would say that my passion for writing slowly goes back to my senses. I am hoping to rebuild what I have almost lost- doing my passion and at the same time accepting writing opportunities.

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