Francis Buxton

Francis Buxton

United States

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My name is Francis Buxton and I am a professional bike thief! 

Hahaha... just kidding. My real name is Patrick. I use this alias as a tribute to one of my favorite movies of all time (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure). I also use the anonymity of this "persona" to allow myself to be a bit more free in what I post on social media without it having to necessarily be attributed back to myself (Patrick). This is a good thing, I have found.

I am a consumer of many types of things and I love to share my opinions of the newer things I have purchased and tried with my friends. If there is a product that has captured my attention, I will certainly share it with my network of friends and followers. And, likewise, if there is something I have tried and it's just not cutting the mustard, I'll let them know as well.

As an Intellifluencer, I am certain I am expected to give each product a good word. And that's fine. I am not holding my personal reputation on the line to endorse a product. Rather, I am using my imaginary persona, so when it comes to the ethics of this, I can sleep well at night -- why? Because I am under you employ! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS SUPPLIED THE PRODUCT FOR ME TO TRY! And it isn't something that I have spent my hard earned money on.

So!!! *cracks knuckles* Let's work together!

Right now I am starting with a small number of followers for this account that have been adding me organically. I don't play those silly popularity games to gain followers, I don't have the need for that type of validation -- I am a 30+ year old man with a daughter and responsibilities. The high school games of popularity are long in my past -- not that I ever participated in that anyway!

So -- here's what you will get when you work with me.

  1. Honesty and integrity. I will keep my words and promises with you. If you engage with me, you will always have this #1 to point to if you think I have slacked off in *ANY WAY*.
  2. You have nothing to lose! I want to earn some money from you and so do you! If I can send you some new customers, by making a few posts on my Instagram, that's WONDERFUL!

I will make all attempts to measure the performance of my posts for *YOU* versus the posts I have made for myself and other customers in the past as a measure.

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