Finn Thye

Finn Thye

United States

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I'm a linguist with endangered languages by training, and I speak many second languages -- Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arapaho and American Sign Language (ASL). I worked with Rosetta Stone designing their Navajo and French products, and I have worked with the Northern Arapaho on Wind River Reservation for 10 years.

My blog Full-stack Motherhood describes my current transition from 8 years of stay-at-home-motherhood (SAHM) to being a full-stack web developer. I begin a coding bootcamp soon. Also I have have dealt with mental illness in many forms; my big thing this lifetime is depathologizing spirituality, meaning what often gets called mental illness in American culture is actually powerful spirituality that requires mastery to contain. I am launching a second career because I cannot pay my student loans as a linguist and I want my husband to get to be a stay-at-home Dad.

I also founded the BabyTraders, a free babysitting coop which has saved its members thousands of dollars on childcare and delivered meals in the 7 years since the founding of the original group. I have a number of families with young children in the BabyTrader facebook group.

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