Eric Aguilar

Eric Aguilar


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Hi! I am Eric, and I am a creative artist! I am a singer-songwriter, I produce and mix my own music. I play guitar, piano, harmonica, violin (still learning). I love to explore new things. I'm a degree holder in Business Administration, with some units in MBA (didn't finish due to financial constraints that time). I love exploring new opportunities that can enable me to earn at the same time give value to people. I love talking to people. I even have a few guitar tutorials in my youtube channel for others to learn some basics of it. But in time, I'm working on a course to make it big and more interesting. But for now, I just enjoy doing some covers and making my own music! I am married but don't have kids yet, me and my wife are still doing our best to make our future more colorful and meaningful through exploring new opportunities and new ventures, we believe that God is with us every step of the way.

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