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Personal Info for Brand Deals on Intellifluence

Name/Nickname: "Lawishh"

Location: Sydney, Australia

Niche/Content Focus: Criminal Law and Legal Education

Target Audience: Individuals interested in legal education, law students, young professionals, and anyone seeking to understand criminal law and legal processes.

Unique Selling Points:

Expertise in Law: As a practicing criminal defense lawyer, I offer authentic and professional insights into legal matters.

Educational Content: I simplify complex legal concepts for a general audience, making the law more accessible and understandable.

Engagement with Audience: Regular Q&A sessions, case study discussions, and interactive content encourage active audience participation.

Visual Storytelling: Utilizing TikTok's format, I create engaging, concise, and visually appealing content that simplifies legal concepts.

Why Brands Should Work With Me:

Credibility and Authority: As a professional in my field, my content is reliable and trustworthy, adding value to any brand associated with legal, educational, or professional development products or services.
Engaged and Growing Audience: With over 5000 followers, my content resonates with a diverse audience, consistently attracting engagement and growing reach.
Versatility in Content Creation: Ability to integrate brand messaging seamlessly into educational and engaging content.
Positive Influence: Committed to fostering a deeper understanding of legal matters, promoting informed and responsible citizenship.
Content Creation Style:

Informative and Approachable: I break down complex legal topics into easy-to-understand content.
Interactive and Engaging: Use of real-life scenarios, case studies, and Q&A sessions to engage viewers.
Professional Yet Relatable: Maintaining a balance between professional credibility and a relatable, approachable demeanor.
Goals for Brand Partnerships:

To collaborate with brands that align with my mission of educating and informing the public about legal matters.
To leverage my expertise and platform to promote products/services that benefit my audience's professional and educational growth.
To build long-term relationships with brands that share a commitment to quality, education, and social responsibility.

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