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Eduarda Ritzmann


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I'm an Architect, post graduated on landscaping architecture, but I work most with interior design. I'm more into an industrial, scandiavian style of decoration, geometric prints, lots of gray, apparent brick on walls, cement floors, that kind of stuff. My biggest hobby besides working (I love what I do), is to travel, listen to music and watch series. I’m a very anxious person, I over think a lot, and I always know what to say. My friends come to me a lot for advises. I enjoy reading about self control, health and tips for a good life, so I guess I like to share it when people are interested. I love coffee and chocolate, of course, but I try hard to take care of myself, I exercise at home, eat clean during the week (still trying to not get ugly on the weekends, but it's kind of hard, since I love to eat), I try to take care of my nails, hair and skin, always experimenting natural products, that I believe are the best! But I confess the best thing I've tryed was from La Roche-Posay, so IDK, I guess I'll have to keep looking untill I get it right... Traveling is a passion, I've been to a few countries and I'm always planning the next one. Planning is something I do a lot, crazy excel user here. My next goal at the moment is Indonesia! I'm obsessed with photography, I love taking it and posing for it. I think it's just so magical to be able to revival the moments anytime. Besides, as a travel lover, not capturing and sharing so many beautiful places is just wrong. First thing to do when I get home is the photo album. I go to soccer games, I watch NFL and NBA and yes, I watch the Kardashians and I think they are awesome. But the TV show I really just can’t stop watching is The Property Brothers. Fashion is also a passion, I always try to dress well, at work a little more formal, but not too much, but my style is a little street, i think. Black and white is always the first choice, I love high heels but don't wear it too much, because I'm really clumsy (and i walk around a lot) and because I'm 5.7 feet tall, so I don't really need it that much. Shoes and purses I guess are the obsession of every woman, and I think there is always the perfect one for witch occasion, so I guess we just need lot of them, right? Make up: definitely a passion. And I love doing it my self. I could spend hours in front of the mirror... I like to try different stuff, but I keep coming back to dark brown eyes and red lips, I guess it's my favorite. I used to change my hair a lot, it got really damaged, so now I'm on a detox moment, moisturizing is my new best friend, but I’m planning on making the next change for my wedding day! I'm engaged at the moment, with my best friend. We met on high school and started dating right before college; it’s been more than 8 years! We are getting married on November 10th next year (2018), so i'm kind of occupated doing that too. My dream is to have a boho styled wedding, lots of greens, good music and close friends, hopefully at a beautifull garden or at a peaceful beach. Summing up, I think I'm an ecletic person; I listen to Justin Bieber, Sam Hunt, Shakira and Adele, for example. I love green juice, but also milk shake. I idolize Gaudí AND Calatrava. I've been to NYC, Havana, Barcelona, Mallorca, and I loved all of the cities on its own ways. I love to dance all night, and Netflix is my second lover. I love fashion, but I wear black and white too much. My favorite series are Prison Break and Gossip Girl, or maybe The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy. I do my make up really well, but I always end up with the same one. I love the beach and I love the snow. My favorite kinds of food are Mexican, Asian, hamburger and pasta, or maybe just breakfast is good. Well… I'm very fancy, and I'm very simple! * Products of interest: Objects for home, like decorations, lamps, utensils and stuff for home office; Make up, hair, nails, skin and all beauty products; Clothes, shoes and bags/purses; Food, healthy and junk; Books, especially about architecture, interiors, art, fashion, gastronomy and travel; All stuff for travelling. 

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