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I'm an athlete, a cyclist in both road bike and mountain bike community. I am Singapore's National Champion for Mountain Biking. I've got over 1.3 thousand followers in my main instagram account and another 700 followers(fast growing) bike account .I have done some reviews on other products before and would like to continue doing even more. I would love to receive products more related to sports such as nutrition foods, bicycle equipment, socks, sunglasses etc. In addition, being someone conscious about how I look, I would love if there are any apparel products for me to try out. To any potential companies out there that can offer me something: I do not require any form of payment nor even giving me the products itself even though both would be a great bonus, because all I need, is a loan product-----I borrow the product for some time, and after I am done with my review, I will return the product back to you guys. In my reviews, I will talk about a few things which vary from products, but this is the guideline: 1)Effectiveness 2)Durability 3)Cost 4)Practicality 5)My rating out of 5 stars & will I recommend it In all my reviews, I ensure no biases and all reviews will be 100% my truthful opinion on the product. Also, I will ensure proper tone and language in my review to make it as professional yet appealing to my audience as possible. I will mainly upload my reviews on my Instagram accounts: @mybikeworld and @edmond_venge with the latter being the more dominant account. I will send the official review to you guys before uploading my final review online. In addition, if there are any other genres of products that I'm offered, I would absolutely take up the offer. I look forward to working with you guys:) If there are any doubts you can reach me at both my Instagram accounts or at [link-omitted]

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