Ebone Cruz

Ebone Cruz

United States

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Ebone Cruz always knew she wanted to pursue a career in which she could help people. This desire originally landed her in a teaching job, however, after a few years, she realized that as prestigious as teachers are to young people, this was not her calling. Her next endeavor was opening a hair salon. While she loved spending her days chatting with clients, she was less passionate about the monotony of doing hair. Ironically, it was the gift of gab that would launch Ebone into her next career. In the process of going through a painful separation, Ebone found herself sharing her own story and mentoring other young women who were in similar circumstances. This eventually translated into becoming a local correspondent for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Over the next few years, Ebone continued the show, striving to be a source of light and positive energy for her listeners. As her network expanded, she continued to mentor more women while simultaneously providing marketing services for the radio station she worked for. Realizing a passion for marketing, Ebone went back to school to obtain her master’s degree in business administration. She began by learning the ropes for how to start a business, the marketing strategies and tools involved, and how to connect businesses with their target market, and within a few years, she was teaching others how to do the same. What started as a hobby soon developed into a career when she was recruited to run the marketing campaign for several local elections. Not long after, she was sought out to run the Mayor’s marketing and outreach campaign, an incredible opportunity that opened doors and allowed Ebone to further hone in on her skills. While Ebone loved the challenge the electoral campaign posed, her next position in government proved much less fulfilling. It was this position and her desire to “escape” that gave her the inspiration to launch her program, “The Professional Women’s Escape Plan.” The program is the culmination of years of marketing experience, teaching, networking, and public relations. While working in her government job, Ebone met countless other women and men that complained about their own jobs, felt stuck and trapped into thinking that their only option to make additional income was through complicated affiliate marketing programs. Some had side hustles such as bar-b-que stands on the weekend, t-shirt graphic and design, and event planning ventures to name a few but they did not take these hobbies seriously enough to consider them a business. Ebone knew firsthand that a career spent doing what you love didn’t feel like work at all. This is the vision she hopes to bring to professional women all over. Through her program, she provides women with the tools to tap into their industry expertise and launch not only a profitable business but a sustainable business.

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