Danielle Marie

Danielle Marie

United States

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Hi! It's Danielle Marie. I am a designer, entrepreneur, and everything else in between. From traveling around the world, to writing and taking beautiful photographs, to running my business Grip Handbags, my point of view and interests are an eclectic mix. I love everything beauty, fashion, travel, food, and design. As a fashion designer, I love incorporating beautiful quality made products with my designs. I support you, you support me. It's a win win! I love clothing, like great pants and tops, as well as bathing suits, great outfits for traveling. I'm all about "athleisure" and street style. I like to feel comfortable and stylish in what I'm wearing. I also adore shoes and jewelry. Accessories really personalize an outfit. I'm also really big on promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle. I'm working out at least five days a week for an hour. I love to mix things up, from intensive cardio, to weight training, to tai kickboxing, to yoga. I'm kind of obsessed with fitness gear, like the FitBits, the yoga mats, clothing and sports bras etc. The list goes on! Along with fitness, I love food. I'm definitely a foodie. However, I never overdo it. I believe having everything in moderation. I let myself eat whatever I want, just as long as it is healthy and doing something good to my body. I enjoy a good balance between cooking at home and going out to try great meals. Along with that, I take pride in putting my best face forward. I am always eager and curious to learn about new beauty products and emerging technology in the beauty space. After all, I was a beauty intern at Conde Nast publications, and I had the luxury of being surrounded by amazing products. I definitely love to test things out. I'm particularly a fan of lips and pencils, cosmetic brushes, bronzers, and cool hair products. The more I think about where I'm at, the more I realize how far I've come. I am proud to share my work with you, and throw in some fun along the way. Both fashion and film will always be the foundation of my creative genius. Please stay connected on my socials. Comments and questions are always more than welcome. Hugs, Danielle Marie

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