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My name is CJ Bruce (Vegetarian Dude) and my love of food started from a very young age. My brothers and I were frequently celebrated as “good eaters” AKA eat all the things that came within 3 feet of our faces.

Eventually, and initially for health reasons, I became a vegetarian. I was working in the film industry and would overeat because of the never ending access to food. I decided to cut out meat to give me some restriction and never looked back.

As I learned more and more, the reasons for having a plant-based diet became overwhelming. The planet, the animals, health, etc. etc. etc. Over the years I’ve experimented with being pescatarian (eating fish) and all sorts of hybrids between vegetarian and vegan.

A couple years ago I became a certified plant-based chef through Rouxbe and most of what I eat and make today is vegan. However, I also live in reality and will allow myself exceptions depending on what my body is craving, where I am in the world and other factors without feeling guilty about it.

I’m currently living in Silverlake frequenting craft beer hubs, farmers markets, food festivals and concert venues. You can follow my plant food adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @vegetariandude or shoot me an email at [link-omitted].

I’m also CEO of ChuckJoe, a digital agency that helps purpose driven food brands find, grow and engage online audiences. You can learn more at [link-omitted].

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