Christopher Bridwell

Christopher Bridwell

United States

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We formed Supernova to meet the market need by building a group of experts in renewable energy operations, strategic marketing, and business development.
Our aim of accelerating the growth of companies where market share is of key importance has been a great success. Leveraging brand building and the accelerating component of digital media is a core part of our value proposition. The companies with which we work with share common characteristics and authenticity, and the promise of excellence. We have extensive experience building high-impact online destinations for big name brands with both large and small scale initiatives. With several hundred engagements , With a obvious flair for “thinking outside of the box” and a well skilled adverse range of marketing style technologies, we only choose to do business on your terms with your best vision in mind. Considering our competencies with contemporary marketing efforts, Internet technologies and our proven ability to execute big ideas on a renewable energy development level, we can offer “the best of both worlds;” with an engaging user experience without sacrificing functionality or technical requirements. Adding to the above, Supernova has always celebrated our ability to infuse design/modeling into our work, with Electrical Engineer's on staff who are well-versed in a wide array of software and automation. In short, the strength of our projects are giving a direct reflection of our competency with a significant range of production tools, giving us a broader and more creative palette from which to paint than any of our competition. Production and Technology certainly defines our company. If you are in need of real results, and massive revenue contact us, R.C Bridwell.

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