Brandy Werkmeister

Brandy Werkmeister

United States

speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

I'm 33 yearsold. I have adventures through the superstition mountains in Arizona daily, with new peaks, falls, trips, slips, slides, music, dances, animals, jokes, a few cactus pokes, and places that are nothing less than enchanting.

 I put 100% of myself into this, because this is 100% me. 

Financially I don't have time to perfect something I've only done this one time. For the last year, I have miraculously managed to ensure living costs are made without any actual income. I'm crafty and I'm smart, I used the resources available, the same ones my taxes paid into for the last 12 years of my working for a time clock. I get help from my followers when I couldn't see a way to get it done, they made it happen. (That was $1900, I'm not asking them for what I need now. Though they're always encouraged to donate). If I do not get funding to support the costs of being 100% in, then I lose everything. I did not hold back, I will not split myself and ultimately fail at both, I love whatever ridiculously contagious smiling life I live and share with so many people. 

Please just take the time and see the potential for something that's bigger than either of us. It may feel like a stretch from the pitch deck attached to this. Just please, look at my accounts, read the comments, spend time in the community that's within there, and see what I see when I look into what I had no intentions of creating from the start. Being said, I'm so glad I did.

this place becomes my own little world created as I see fit

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